Hospital Facility's HVAC Monitoring System

Medical and technological advances need a constant evaluation of the HVAC system. HVAC monitoring systems in hospitals and medical facilities play a significant role. It paves the way for the 2019 ASHRAE Handbook and healthcare occupancy that ensures the HVAC system’s future adaptability. The HVAC application to health care facilitiesContinue Reading

Sick building syndrome

Sick building syndrome is the term given to a myriad of illnesses and symptoms that strike a number of occupants of particular buildings. Humans are creatures of comfort. Ever since the first man began to venture out to the world to hunt and forage for food, they always find shelterContinue Reading

clean room monitoring using fs209e and iso

Cleanrooms are places where the environment is controlled to maintain air quality. Therefore cleanroom monitoring is essential. The removal of dust is the primary concern in electronics production cleanrooms. Other industries such as pharmaceuticals and biologics ave different requirements. Some need to maintain cleanliness to avoid contamination tat can skewContinue Reading