I announced that I was working on an upcoming article, and it is to be one regarding a general overview of the Tridium Niagara R2, AX, and N4 products. I asked for input, requests, or suggestions from anyone interested in this subject matter. I was inundated with a tremendous amountContinue Reading

Properly designed and implemented sequences for building control can dramatically improve the energy efficiency, comfort and safety of commercial buildings. Unfortunately the process to develop, document, implement, and support these sequences is complicated and error prone and as a result many buildings operate sub-optimally. Building Intelligence Group helped to defineContinue Reading

Carrier Aquaforce

UK: Carrier AquaForce water-cooled screw chillers, with a combined cooling capacity of more than 1.4MW, are providing high efficiency cooling at Wiltshire County Council’s Trowbridge headquarters.  The two Carrier high performance AquaForce 30XW-V variable speed R134a chillers selected employ inverter-driven twin-rotor screw compressors. These enable the chiller to achieve ESEERsContinue Reading

sweepCLEAR installed in pipe

PROBLEM: High-rise buildings, built in 1960’s, were experiencing scaling, bio-film and dirt (rust) deposits in their condenser water systems. This inhibited heat transfer, lowering HVAC hydronic system efficiency. Previous traditional solutions (chemicals & flushing) failed to stop the cooling towers and chillers from scaling up. This required that they beContinue Reading