Large buildings, such as consumer and institutional facilities, consume large amounts of energy. Such establishments require efficient HVAC systems that can support their functions. It is not surprising that HVAC systems consume the most energy in such establishments. With all their components, HVAC systems are complex mechanical equipment. Reducing energyContinue Reading

Positive air pressure

For the longest of times, facilities HVAC systems have relied on the air distribution systems to manage airflow around the facility. Positive pressure air flow is also for occupants to ensure a healthy, productive, and energy-efficient environment. Airflow also provides the critical area positive pressure spaces to remain sterile fromContinue Reading

Indoor air quality during pandemic

The new coronavirus has brought the indoor world to the forefront of public consciousness. Even before the pandemic, most people spent the majority of their time indoors. But COVID-19 has raised awareness of the connection between indoor air quality and health safety. As more people stay indoors, we must alsoContinue Reading